1. Contributors

        Alice Escher, Boaz Levin, Stefan Träger, and Till Wittwer

        artists, Berlin

      1. Alice Escher (born 1982) is into montage. She works with text, moving and still images, sound, and personas. Boaz Levin (born 1989) is an artist, essayist, and general specialist. His ongoing research project, Regarding the Revolutions of Others, looks at media representations of recent protest movements. Stefan Träger (born 1990) is an old-school sculptor and artisan, sculpting male day-old chicks and transforming them into bronze. Till Wittwer (born 1985) holds a BFA in Theatre Studies from Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin and is currently enrolled in the Fine Arts Program of Universität der Künste Berlin, Berlin. He is co-founder and organizer of the lecture series Money on Monday, an elegant but inefficient attempt to obtain vast riches. They all live and work in Berlin. [Last updated 2013]