1. Public Editorial Meetings

      2. A collaborative alliance of five European contemporary art and educational institutions collectively embarks on the culminating phase of the long-term international research project FORMER WEST (2008–2016). The alliance consists of BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht; Goldmiths College, University of London, London; Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw; tranzit.cz, Prague; and tranzit.hu, Budapest. 

        Leading to the realization of the FORMER WEST publication in 2016, the key strand of these collaborations is a series of Public Editorial Meetings. Taking place over the next two years and in various geographical contexts, these meetings aim to negotiate the knowledges gathered throughout the course of the FORMER WEST project while bearing in mind the politico-cultural transformations unique to the locales in which they are held. The Public Editorial Meetings take place in several European cities (such as London, Budapest, and Warsaw, among others) as well as various locations in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States.

        The European leg of the collaboration is made possible by generous financial support from the European Union’s Creative Europe program. In addition to the Public Editorial Meetings, the participating institutions join their resources to hold a number of research exhibitions, seminars, publications, and competence meetings during this period.