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        Contributor, Extended Team / Institutional Partners (2008–2016)

        Andrea Phillips

        theorist and curator, London (Goldsmiths College)

      1. Andrea Phillips is PARSE Professor of Art and Head of Research at Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg and Visiting Professor of Research at Goldsmiths, University of London, London. She lectures and writes about the economic and social construction of publics within contemporary art and is involved in numerous research projects. She is a collaborator, with Grant Watson and InIVA, London, on the research project “Tagore, Pedagogy and Contemporary Visual Cultures,” initiated in 2013, and was co-curator (with Fulya Erdemci) of Public Alchemy, the public program for the 13th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, 2013. From 2009–2012, she co-initiated Actors, Agents and Attendants, a research project and set of publications that addressed the role of artistic and curatorial production in contemporary political milieus (in collaboration with SKOR), and between 2006–2009, she directed Curating Architecture, a think tank and exhibition project that examined the role of exhibitions in the making of architecture’s social and political forms. Phillips is also co-director, with Suhail Malik, of the research project “The Aesthetic and Economic Impact of the Art Market,” an investigation into the ways in which the art market shapes artists’ careers and public exhibition. Publications include: “In Service: art, value, merit and the making of publics” (2016); “Art and the Colonisation of Value” (2015); “Devaluation” (2015); David Adjaye: Form, Heft, Material (2015); Cluster: A Dialectionary (2014); Economy: Art and the Subject after Postmodernism (2014); How To Work Together (2014); A Space Called Public (2013); Architecture as Situation (2013); and Esther Shalev-Gerz: The Contemporary Art of Trusting Uncertainties and Unfolding Dialogues (2013). Phillips lives in London and works in Gothenburg. [Last updated 2016]