1. Contributors

        Ilya Budraitskis

        historian and activist, Moscow

      1. Ilya Budraitskis (born 1981) is a historian and activist in Moscow. Currently he is a post-graduate student at the Institute for the World History, Russian Academy of Science. Between 1996-1999 Budraitskis was a participant in Avdey Ter-Oganyan’s project School of Contemporary Art, and between 1998-2000 he participated in Anatoly Osmolovsky’s seminars on critical theory. Since 2005 he has been collaborating with David Ter-Oganyan and Alexandra Galkina in collective art-projects and exhibitions. Their works are presented in the collections of Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art and Luigi Pecci Museum (Prato, Italy). Since 1997 he has been a political activist, organizing the Russian protest against G8, European and World Forums and currently he is the spokesperson for Socialist movement Forward. Budraitskis is a member of the editorial boards of Moscow Art Magazine and Left Politics. [Last updated 2010]