1. Contributors

        Isabell Lorey

        political theorist, Berlin

      1. Isabell Lorey is a political theorist at the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (eipcp), and an editor of transversal texts. She is Professor of Political Theory and Gender at the University of Kassel, Kassel. She taught for several years at the Humboldt-University in Berlin and the University in Vienna social and cultural sciences, feminist and postcolonial theory. From 2001–2007 she held a professorship for Gender and Postcolonial Studies at the University of the Arts Berlin. Internationally, she has published on: the precarization of labour and life in neoliberalism; current social movements (especially the democracy-movements since 2011); the critical theory of democracy and representation; and political immunization. Selected books include: State of Insecurity: Government of the Precarious (2015); Kognitiver Kapitalismus (2012); Regierung der Prekären (2012); Figuren des Immunen (2011); Inventionen 1 (2011); and Inventionen 2 (2012). Currently she is writing a book on “Presentist Democracy.” Lorey lives and works in Berlin. [Last updated 2016]