1. Contributors

        Tehnica Schweiz

        artist collective, Budapest/Berlin

      1. Tehnica Schweiz is an artist collective formed in 2004 by Gergely László and Péter Rákosi. Since the start of their collaboration all projects and artworks they have been involved in—together or separately—are signed to this label. Since 2010 Tehnica Schweiz has been working in continuous collaboration with artist Katarina Šević. The projects of Tehnica Schweiz are based on long-term research and intense community collaboration. They have exhibited and performed at international institutions such as 21er Haus, Vienna; ISCP, New York; Kunsthaus, Dresden; Secession, Vienna; Witte de With, Rotterdam; The Jewish Museum, New York; Kunsthalle Budapest, Budapest; Ernst Museum, Budapest; NBK, Berlin; Rennes Biennale, Rennes; as well as the OFF Biennale, Budapest.  Rákosi lives in Budapest; László and Šević live in Berlin. [Last updated 2015]