1. Contributors

        Vivian Rehberg

        art historian and critic, Paris

      1. Vivian Rehberg is an art historian and critic. She obtained her Ph.D. in 2000 with the dissertation The Rhetoric of Realism: Painting, Politics, and Commitment in France, 1940–56. Since 2007, Rehberg is Chair of Critical Studies at Parsons Paris School of Art + Design, Paris, where she also teaches modern and contemporary art. Previously, from 2001–2004, she was curator at ARC/Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris and for the Paris Department of Cultural Affairs. A founding editor of Journal of Visual Culture, she is a contributing editor of frieze, and has also written for, among others, Art in America, Artforum, Artpress, and Modern Painters. Recent publications include: “Mapping the History of the Present,” which appeared in the monograph Mona Vătămanu and Florin Tudor, published by BAK (2009); “Roman Ondák: Subterfuge,” Artpress (December 2009); “Deimantas Narkevičius: The Ambivalence of Images,” Artpress (April 2009); and Art Now Vol. 3 (2008). Rehberg lives and works in Paris. [Last updated 2010]