1. Anti-communism is understood mostly as the passing away of an “anti-national” system after the demise of which the time has finally arrived to speak out openly about “the Trianon wound” and “the Magyar pain,” that is, the moment of truth is at hand. The truth of pain is plainly announced and this means authentic liberation. This is linked to a pathologic cult of defeat: the national essence is tragic. The fading 1989 contrast between ‘dictatorship” and “democracy” will be superseded by another contrast, that between “foreigners’ lies” forced upon “us” and the blinding light of “our” truth which is the loss of Transylvania and of Upper Hungary (called “Slovakia” for some reason by “our” adversaries) and of the Vojvodina. “We” don’t even want them back; “we” want to mourn in freedom.

        Are you laughing? But of course, you are an enemy.