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        Arrivals: Art from the New Europe

        Suzanne Cotter, Andrew Nairne and Victoria Pomery

        Modern Art Oxford/Turner Contemporary 2007

        ISBN 9781901352337

      1. Documentation of a two-year exhibition program taking place at Modern Art Oxford, Oxford and Turner Contemporary, Kent (2005–2007), conceived as a series of one-person exhibitions presenting the work of artists who hail from the ten new EU member states— including seven from the former ‘eastern bloc’ countries and the Baltic states (which had been part of the USSR proper)—which acceded in 2004: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia. The project was curated by a number of people at both institutions, including Suzanne Cotter and Andrew Nairne (Modern Art Oxford) and Victoria Pomery (Turner Contemporary). A concern for issues such as migration, border controls, the opening of Europe, and tensions regarding immigration pervade the project. Participating artists included: Paveł Althamer and Artur Żmijewski (PL), Kateřina Ŝedá (CZ), Christodoulos Panayiotou (CY), Ilona Németh (SK), Raul Keller (Estonia), Szabolcs KissPál (HU), Žilvinas Landzbergas (LT).