1. Research Library

        Art Since 1900: Modernism, Antimodernism, Postmodernism (2004)

        Hal Foster, Rosalind Krauss, Yve-Alain Bois, and Benjamin H.D. Buchloch

        London: Thames and Hudson 2007

        ISBN 9780500238189

      1. This 700+ page tome by the core art historians associated with October magazine is nothing less than an attempt to rewrite twentieth century art history. This text book presents an account of twentieth century developments which can accommodate a variety of movements, theoretical discourses, and practices that have been largely marginalized and/or missing from the canonical discourse of art history such as feminism, post-colonialism, the political action and utopianism of 1968, Fluxus, Lettrism, the Harlem Renaissance, AIDS and ACT UP, etc. etc. Throughout the book, ‘round table’ discussions between the authors on various movements and issues provide multiple, critical perspectives on the history being proposed.