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        Art after Appropriation: Essays on Art in the 1990s

        John Welchman

        London Routledge 2001

        ISBN 978-9057010439

      1. Chapters charting each year of the decade between 1989 and 1999 examine how the discourse of appropriation came to dominate the contemporary art world. Provides extremely interesting argument linking the impact of the USSR’s ‘Second World’ cultural politics to the rising prominence of photography in contemporary art around 1989. See the introduction ‘Global Nets: Appropriation and Postmodernity’, Chapters 1 & 2 ‘Photographies, Counter-Relvolution, and Second Worlds: Allegories by Design/Releases and Counter-Appropriations, 1989’, and Chapter 6 ‘Peeping Over the Wall: Narcissism in the 1990s, 1995’.