1. Research Library

        Beyond Ethics and Aesthetics. Voorbij ethiek en esthetiek

        Ine Gevers, Jeanne van Heeswijk

        Nijmegen: SUN 1997

        ISBN 9061684935

      1. Relevant for the FW project and the history of important insitutions operating in an interdisciplinary manner with critical artistic practices in the 1990s decade, Helmut Draxler’s essay ‘Munich Kunstverein 1992-1995’ (p. 124-145) outlines the curatorial work of Draxler and Hedwig Saxenhuber during their tenure at the Kunstverein. Draxler: ‘We were concerned above all to establish the field of art as a place in which urban, social, and political questions would be reflected in the same way as the history of artistic practice has been in the last 20 years.’