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        Cities on the move

        Hou Hanru and Hans Ulrich Obrist

        Ostfildern-Ruit: Hatje Cantz 1997

        ISBN 3775707271

      1. The exhibition Cities on the move, Secession, Vienna (26.11.1997–18.01.1998) (travelled to other venues including CAPC, Musée d’art contemporain, Bordeaux), was curated by Hou Hanru and Hans Ulrich Obrist. An influential exhibition that was one of the first to grapple with the impact globalization and hyper-urbanization (mega-cities in China and elsewhere), it presented contemporary architecture and art from Asian cities. It also considered that different conceptions of western ideas of ‘modernity’ and utopia might be at play in today’s ‘East’—interesting to reflect upon in terms of FORMER WEST given, for example, that post-WWII Japan and South Korea were placed into the orbit of the ‘West’ while China was firmly ‘eastern’ because of its Communist politics. Exhibited artists and architects included: Nobuyoshi Araki, Chen Zhen, Simryn Gill, Dominique Gonzales-Foerster, Herzog & De Meuron, Soo-Ja Kim, Koo Jeong-A, Rem Koolhaas, Surasi Kusolwong, Lee Bul, Mariko Mori, Takashi Murakami, Sarah Sze, Aaron Tan, Fiona Tan, Rirkrit Tiravanija, etc.