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        Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies: Communicative Capitalism and Left Politics

        Jodi Dean

        Durham Durham University Press 2009

        ISBN 978-0822345053

      1. An assessment of the relentless progress of neoliberalization since the mid-1990s, in this book Dean presents a critique of the dominant ideologies of contemporary culture (an obsession with victimization, consumerism, self-absorption and identity politics) to show that even our most beloved notions—-such as democracy—-have been co-opted and compromised to such an extent that they no longer have any potential to suggest a vision of collectivity or solidarity. Dean argues convincingly that the only potential to revive a left politics today will require a head on confrontation with the unholy alliance between neoliberalism and democracy. Other issues touched upon that are relevant for FW include the US response to 9/11 and what the author calls ‘communicative capitalism.’ See in particular the intro ‘Neoliberalism’s Fantasy, Post-politics and Left Victory’ and Chapter 5 ‘Ethics. Left Responsiveness and Retreat.’