1. Research Library

        Desacuerdos 5. Cultura popular

        Pedro G. Romero

        MACBA 2009

        ISBN 9788492505098

      1. Book focusing on popular culture in Spain, published in the framework of an influential major research and exhibition project Desacuerdos. On art, politics and the public sphere in Spain, for which an exhibition under the same title was shown at MACBA, Barcelona (04.03.05–29.05.05). According to the project materials:’ Desacuerdos sets out to trace cultural practices, models and countermodels that do not correspond to the dominant organisations, policies and practices that have followed one another in Spain over more than four decades. The aim of this project is to draft a critical history of those structures and attitudes, which remain instituted in the administration model of culture and art. In short, a twofold exercise that investigates both the links between cultural and institutional policies, art, the market and the economy, the public sphere, civil society and counterhegemonic ideas in Spain and the possibility of generating a social and institutional network that can collect, connect and pool the cultural experiences and situations that have arisen or are arising.’