1. Research Library

        First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

        Slavoj Žižek

        Verso 2009

        ISBN 9781844674282

      1. Žižek’s latest work, released in October 2009, can be seen as an updated post-financial-crisis version of his 2002 Welcome to the Desert of the Real, which attempted to sketch out the true impact of 9/11 on international power relations. In First as Tragedy Žižek says that Fukuyama’s 1989 ‘end of history’ idea actually had to be destroyed twice in order for this death to stick: the first instance was 9/11 and the second, Žižek argues, is the financial crisis of autumn 2008. A characteristically blistering analysis of what the financial crisis of 2008 means for globalization, the practice of politics, and the dominance of certain market ideologies.