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        Fundamentalisms of the New Order

        Charlotte Brandt, Lars Bang Larsen, Jean Charles Massera et al.

        Berlin/New York: Lukas & Sternberg 2004

        ISBN 9789518955743

      1. A ‘textbook’ stemming from an exhibition and discourse program of the same title, curated by Charlotte Brandt, Lars Bang Larsen, and Cristina Ricupero, which took place at the Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall in Copenhagen (31.10–8.12.2002). The project considered ‘the diversity of fundamentalisms’ and tried to understand the resurgence of religious, political, cultural, and economic fundamentalisms in recent years (strongly tied to American war-marking and foreign policy post-9/11, but also seen in the strengthening of right-wing populism in Europe). Book contains documentation of the exhibition and discourse program, as well as texts by the curators and others reflecting on the overall project. See also the catalog and reader to the Populism exhibition, which could be considered a follow up to this project.