1. Research Library

        Horizons of Reality

        Bart De Baere, Viktor Misiano, Yonah Foncé-Zimmerman , et al.

        MuHKA 2003

      1. Exhibition catalog connected to the show Horizons of Reality, curated by Viktor Misiano, on view at MuHKA, Antwerp (15 March–1 June 2003). The exhibition considered the relationship between art and reality in the context of the former Soviet Union, and asked how art may function as a constructor of reality in today’s society. It could be said that this exhibition engages with the question of the impact of Gorbachev’s Perestroika on artists and art production in the post-Soviet context. The exhibition included works by, among others: Sergey Bratkov, Dmitri Gutov, Oleg Kulik, Anatoli Osmolovski, Konstantin Zvezdochotov, Vladimir Arkhipov, Viktor Alimpiev, Lyudmila Gorlova, Kerim Ragimov, Aleksandr Shaburov, Vladimir Kupriyanov.