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        If You Lived Here: The City in Art, Theory, and Social Activism. A Project by Martha Rosler 1991) (Dia Art Foundation Discussions in Contemporary Culture, Volume 6)

        Brian Wallis

        New Press 1998

        ISSN 156584498

      1. Book documenting the interdisciplinary project If you lived here…, organized by Martha Rosler, which took place at Dia Art Foundation’s Wooster Street space in Soho New York City in 1989. Rosler put together a series of exhibitions, public meetings, archival research, and other information focusing on the housing crisis in the US and related issues of gentrification, racism, street violence, poverty, AIDS, etc. Community organizing and an art project in one, Rosler’s particular brand of engaged art practice has been hugely influential, and much copied, in the intervening years, as interdisciplinary projects that tried to engage various ‘non-art publics’ have become ubiquitous.