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        Inklusion/Exklusion: Probleme des Postkolonialismus und der globalen Migration

        Peter Weibel and Slavoj Žižek


        Vienna Passagen Verlag 1997

        ISBN 9783851652536

      1. 200-page publication [Inclusion/Exclusion: Problems of Postcolonialism and Global Migration] documenting a symposium that was held to accompany the exhibition Inklusion/Exklusion: Versuch einer neuen Kartografie der Kunst im Zeitalter von Postkolonialismus und globaler Migration [Inclusion/Exclusion: Attempting a New Cartography of Art in the Age of Postcolonialism and Global Migration], curated by Slavoj Žižek and Peter Weibel, Steirischer Herbst, Graz (22.9.–26.10.1996). The exhibition considered the fact that after the end of colonialism and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the ‘West’ still constructs and protects itself through border controls and exclusion. The exhibition, focusing on post-colonialism and neo-colonial issues, showed the work of artists who originally came from the ‘Third World’ but who now live and work in the West. See also the exhibition catalog of the same title.