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        Inside Out: New Chinese Art

        Gao Minglu

        University of California Press 1998

        ISBN 9780520217485

      1. The exhibition Inside Out: New Chinese Art was curated by Gao Minglu, first shown at the Asia Society Galleries and P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York, (15.11.1998–03.01.1999; subsequently travelled to SFMOMA and the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco and other venues). This was the first major exhibition of new art from China to be seen in the US; it reflected a growing interest in China (culturally, economically, politically) as it became an increasingly powerful geopolitical force in the post-1989 world. Questions of national identity and cultural specificity—and the translatability of Chinese aesthetics to the western context—were consciously raised in the exhibition. Other key issues included: the use of language, the body and performance, consumerism, urban growth, popular culture, etc. Exhibited artists included: Cai Guo-qiang, Fang Lijun, Wenda Gu, Huang Yong Ping, Song Dong, Wang Jin, Zhang Huan, Zhang Yu, etc.]