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        Interpol: The Art Exhibition Which Divided East and West

        Eda Cufer and Viktor Misiano

        Ljubljana & Moscow: IRWIN and Moscow Art Magazine 2000

        ISBN 9619085108

      1. Belated catalog/analysis of an exhibition (curated by Viktor Misiano and Ian Äman) that took place in Stockholm in 1996, conceived of as a creative exchange between ‘eastern’ and ‘western’ artists, which ended in full scale conflict. Protagonists such as the curators and participating artists analyze the exhibition project as a case study with which to discuss the limits of communication and the understanding of art, notions of post-communist art, as well as the philosophical divide exposed between the artists from ‘East’ and ‘West.’ Artists who participated in the exhibition included: Alexander Brener, Maurizio Catellan, Wenda Gu, IRWIN, Oleg Kulik, Birggita Muhr, etc.