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        Kollektive Kreativität/Collective Creativity [DE/EN]

        What, How and for Whom/WHW

        Revolver 2005

        ISBN 3865880894

      1. Catalog published to accompany the exhibition Kollektive Kreativität/Collective Creativity, Fridericianum, Kassel (01.05–17.07.2005), curated by the collective What, How and for Whom/WHW. The exhibition explored notions of communal work and collective production, as well as their political dimensions, with regard to contemporary art production and discourse. Exhibited artists and groups included: AA Bronson, Pawel Althamer in collaboration with Artur Zmijewski & Nowolipie Group, Art & Language, Etcétera…, Flyingcity, General Idea, Gilbert & George, Gorgona, Dmitry Gutov, Irwin, Kleines Postfordistisches Drama, Neue Slowenische Kunst, Oda Projesi, Oho, Pages, Radek Community, The Revolution will not be televised, Mladen Stilinovic, Tucumán Arde Archive (Graciela Carnevale), etc. See in particular the catalog texts by Charles Esche and Viktor Misiano.