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        Kunst, Europa: 63 deutsche Kunstvereine zeigen Kunst aus 20 Ländern

        Margarethe Jochimsen, Tilman Osterwold, Jiri Svestka, et al.

        Verlag Hermann Schmidt 1991

        ISBN 3874392406

      1. Catalog documenting a 1991 ‘exchange’ program of exhibitions within which sixty-three German Kunstvereine (art associations) showed works from twenty countries, including, significantly, the former Eastern bloc countries. Various regional Kunstvereine showed works by artists from single countries (i.e. Kunstverein Siegen showed work from Yugoslavia). An early example of a major 1990s trend: exhibitions organized on the basis of the nationality of the exhibited artists. Also indicates the genuine curiosity and interest many western Europeans felt in the early post-1989 years about the art produced behind the Iron Curtain.