1. Research Library

        Manifesta 1

        Miriam Beerman

        Manifesta & IDEA Books 1996

        ISBN 9090095713

      1. The exhibition Manifesta 1, European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Kunsthall (and other venues), Rotterdam was curated by Rosa Martínez, Viktor Misiano, Katalyn Néray, Hans Ulrich Obrist, and Andrew Renton, 09.06.1996–19.8.1996. The first iteration of Manifesta, one of the most important of many biennials that proliferated globally in the 1990s. Manifesta positioned itself to specifically reflect on post-1989 Europe by initiating research into and exhibition of contemporary artistic production from all across the continent. It also distinguished itself from other biennials by inviting teams of curators to organize the exhibitions and was ‘roving,’ meaning that each biennial would take place in a different location every two years, thus breaking with the tradition of a biennial being sited in a static location. Exhibited artists included: Mat Collishaw, Maria Eichhorn, Olafur Eliasson, Vadim Fishkin, Dmitri Gutov, Soo-Ja Kim, IRWIN, Suchan Kinoshita, Mathias Poledna, Liza May Post, Pit Schulz, Rirkrit Tiravanija/Douglas Gordon, Jaan Toomik, Uri Tzaig Eulalia Valldosera, etc.