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        Mas alla del documento: Versiones del Sur

        Monica Amor, Octavio Zaya et al.

        Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia 2000

      1. Catalog to the exhibition Versiones del Sur [Versions of the South], Museo Nacional centro de Arte Reina Sofía and other venues, Madrid, coordinators: Octavio Zaya and Marta González/co-curators: Gerardo Mosquera, Mari Carmen Ramírez, Héctor Olea, Elena Vozmediano, Ivo Mesquito, Adriano Pedrosa, Carlos Basqualdo and Octavio Zaya (12.12.2000–26.05.2001). This research and exhibition project culminated in an enormous 5-part exhibition focusing on Latin American art. It was groundbreaking in that the project was a collaboration between Spanish and Latin American curators, all of whom were actively engaging with the impact of the colonial past on Latin America’s cultural and artistic heritage. Organized by FORMER WEST institutional partner Reina Sofía.