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        MigMap: Governing Migration

        Marion von Osten, et al.


      1. A ‘virtual cartography of European migration policies’ this fold-out map charts discourses on migration in European politics, with a focus on post-1989 conditions. MigMap was produced in 2004–2005 in the context of the project TRANSIT MIGRATION and developed as an artistic contribution to the Projekt Migration exhibition project. MigMap was developed and realized by the group Labor k3000 (Peter Spillmann/Susanne Perin/Marion von Osten (FW research advisor)/Michael Vögeli) and researchers involved in the TRANSIT MIGRATION project (Sabine Hess, Serhat Karakayalı, Efthimia Panagiotidis und Vassilis Tsianos). Extensive documentation of can be found online: “http://www.transitmigration.org/migmap/”.