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        Lars Nittve, et al.

        Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 1996

      1. Catalog to the exhibition NowHere, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, curated by Laura Cottingham, Anneli Fuchs & Lars Grambye, Iwona Blazwick, Ute Meta Bauer, etc. (15.05.1996–08.09.1996). Experimental museum director Lars Nittve invited international curators to stage what he called a ‘sort of mini-Documenta’ of contemporary work. Five exhibitions made up the overall presentation: Incandescent curated by Laura Cottingham, main theme was feminist practices and status of women in the art industry (artists incl. Cosmia von Bonin, Deborah Kass); Get Lost curated by Anneli Fuchs and Lars Grambye was heavy on video and installation dealing with techno-culture and mass media (Stan Douglas, Jane and Louise Wilson); Walking and Thinking and Walking by Bruce Ferguson included works by Mona Hatoum and Janet Cardiff; Iwona Blazwick’s show Work in Progress focused on process art since the 1960s (incl. Eva Hesse, Hanne Darboven, Raymond Pettibon); and ? curated by Uta Meta Bauer explored the ‘exhibition’s status as an event,’ dominated by the work of Joseph Beuys.