1. Research Library

        On Knowledge Production: A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art

        Maria Hlavajova, Jill Winder, and Binna Choi

        Frankfurt/Utrecht BAK, basis voor actuele kunst and Revolver 2008

        ISBN 9789077288115

      1. The second book in the BAK Critical Reader Series, this volume addresses the oft-used link between ‘knowledge production’ and contemporary art and asks what this claim might mean, what epistemological and ideological consequences it might have to allow the practices of art to be framed in a traditional disciplinary way, what kinds of non-knowledge or repressed knowledges art practices may be uniquely positioned to bring to light in a critical mode of inquiry, etc. See in particular texts by Irit Rogoff What is a Theorist?, FORMER WEST research advisor Marion von Osten’s text on the knowledge-based economy, and FORMER WWEST researcher Simon Sheikh’s piece Talk Value: Cultural Industry and the Knowledge Economy. Editors are FORMER WEST curator and FORMER WEST curator of publications.