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        Pure War: 25 Years Later (Semiotext(e)/Foreign Agents) (1983)

        Paul Virilio

        New York: Semiotext(e) 2008

        ISBN 9781584350590

      1. Twenty-five years after the French publication of Pure War, Virilio and Sylvère Lotringer reconsider the radical claims they made vis-à-vis Cold War politics and the developments in technology and weaponry, in particular that since the end of WWII there has no longer been a real distinction between war and peace. In the updated edition, the authors consider how the ever-present threat of the ‘accident’ (a key term from the original book) is more real than ever in the post-1989 context. The end of the bipolar structure has destabilized the chaotic forces of the globe, they argue, as seen in the impact of globalization, the increased speed of communication technologies, and the threat of environmental catastrophe.