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        “SOWJETUNION.” 63 deutsche Kunstvereine zeigen Kunst aus 20 Ländern: Kunst, Europa

        Margarethe Jochimsen, Tilman Osterwold, Jiri Svestka, et al.

        Verlag Hermann Schmidt 1991

        ISBN 3874392406

      1. Catalog documenting the Soviet Union edition of a 1991 ‘exchange’ program of exhibitions within which sixty-three German Kunstvereine (art associations) showed works from twenty countries, including, significantly, the former Eastern bloc countries. An early example of a major 1990s trend: exhibitions organized on the basis of the nationality of the exhibited artists. Also indicates the genuine curiosity and interest many western Europeans felt in the early post-1989 years about the art produced behind the Iron Curtain. See also the main catalog for the overall project: Kunst, Europa. 63 deutsche Kunstvereine zeigen Kunst aus 20 Ländern.