1. Research Library

        The Biennial Reader

        Elena Filipovic, Marieke van Hal, Solveig Øvstebø

        Bergen/Ostfildern Bergen Kunsthall and Hatje Cantz 2010

        ISBN 978-3775726108

      1. The larger of the two-volume publication, The Biennial Reader: An Anthology on Large-Scale Perennial Exhibitions of Contemporary Art, is an extensive collection of revised texts stemming from the Bergen Biennial Conference, held at the Bergen Kunsthall in 2009; it also includes selected anthologized texts. The most comprehensive consideration of the use-value, relevance, history, and practice of biennial-making today, this book provides essential reading for curators and theorists interested in the phenomenon of biennialization, the global circulation of artworks, large-scale exhibitions and their ties to the global art market, curatorial practice, and many other issues. See in particular Raqs Media Collective ‘On Curatorial Responsibility’, FW curator Maria Hlavajova’s ‘How to Biennial? The Biennial in Relation to the Art Institution’, Bruce W. Ferguson and Milena M. Hoegsberg ‘Talking and Thinking about Biennials: The Potential of Discursivity’, Okwui Enwezor ‘Mega-Exhibitions and the Antinomies of a Transnational Global Form’. The smaller companion volume The Biennial Reader. The Bergen Biennial Conference includes reviews of a number of contributions to the Biennial Conference.