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        The Clash of Civilizations?: The Debate

        Samuel P. Huntington

        New York Foreign Affairs 2010

        ISBN 978-0876094341

      1. Huntington’s 1993 article ‘The Clash of Civilizations?’, which appeared in the US journal Foreign Affairs, became a lightening rod for post-1989 debates. Stepping off from Francis Fukuyama’s claim about the ‘end of history’, Huntington suggested that the geopolitical realities of the post-Cold War world must understood as a ‘clash of civilizations’ in which religion, language, and shared identifications would become the driving influences in politics. This hotly debated claim gained even more traction in conservative circles after the 9/11 attacks, when the ‘global war on terror’ kicked off with rhetoric characterizing it as a fight between ‘good’ (democracy, represented by the US and other western powers) and ‘evil’ (authoritarianism, fundamentalist Islam). This updated anthology of texts (drawn from issues of Foreign Affairs) includes Huntington’s original 1993 essay. Also relevant for FW see Gerard Piel ‘The West is the Best’ (1993), Huntington’s response to his critics ‘It Not Civilizations, What?’ (1993), and Stanley Hoffman ‘Clash of Globalizations’ (2002). See also Huntington’s book-length treatment of the original essay The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the World Order (1996).]