1. Research Library

        The German Issue

        Sylvère Lotringer

        Semiotext(e) 2009

        ISBN 9781584350798

      1. This collection was originally published in 1982 and provides a fascinating document of the key intellectual and theoretical debates taking place between left circles in Berlin and New York. The new edition of The German Issue is a bit like a ‘time capsule’—‘a first-hand account of the western world on the threshold of major global mutation—that is to say, the fragmentation and ruptures present in the West before the fall of the Wall. It contains contributions by artists, theater directors, filmmakers, theorists and terrorists, representing some of the key thinkers of the period including: Joseph Beuys, Michel Foucault, Christo, Christa Wolf, Walter Abish, Alexander Kluge, Paul Virilio, Ulrilke Meinhof, William Burroughs, Jean Baudrillard, Hans Magnus Enzenberger, Maurice Blanchot, Hans Jurgen Syberberg, Heidegger, Andre Gorz, and Helke Sander, among others. See in particular Heiner Müller’s piece on the Wall.