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        The Radicant

        Nicolas Bourriaud

        Berlin/New York: Lukas & Sternberg 2009

        ISBN 9781933128429

      1. Bourriaud’s new grand theory for the new century—after his 1990s-defining ‘relational aesthetics—this book outlines an understanding of ‘altermodernity,’ the development of a concept of modernity that is diffuse, global, and goes well beyond the Eurocentric and western modernism of the previous century, needed in the face of cultural standardization brought on by globalization. Instead, Bourriaud writes: ‘To be radicant: it means setting one’s roots in motion, staging them in heterogeneous contexts and formats, denying them any value as origins, translating ideas, transcoding images, transplanting behaviors, exchanging rather than imposing…’ See in particular the Introduction and Post-Post or Altermodern Times.