1. Research Library

        The Violence of Financial Capitalism

        Christian Marazzi

        Semiotext(e) 2010

        ISBN 9781584350835

      1. Marazzi is one of the important theorists of Italian post-Fordism whose work has influenced the work of Negri, Virno. This translation of Marazzi’s latest work is already being hailed as a groundbreaking analysis of the global financial crisis of 2008. He offers an analysis of the ‘financialization’ of capitalism—which Marazzi insists is not just a new fangled numbers game but a qualitatively new type of accumulation. He also touches on the implications of the current crisis on traditional concepts of hegemony. Included is an excellent appendix with a glossary of terms to help the reader understand the nearly incomprehensible “money speak” of financial capitalism today.