1. Research Library

        Urban Imaginaries from Latin America: Documenta 11

        Armando Silva

        Ostfildern Hatje Cantz 2003

        ISBN 978-3775790789

      1. Part of the Documenta 11 series of publications, this book explores the meaning of the urban imaginary through research and analysis into the urban culture and landscape of 13 Latin American cities. The project asserts that a kind of ‘reterritorialized urbanity’, where new forms of collectivity and dwelling inscribe a different paradigm onto the planned grid of cityscapes, and are thus not bound to a particular physical geography but are in flux, dynamic, and heterogeneous. With texts by Carolina Aguirre, Miguel Ángel Aguilar, Fernando Carrión, Natalia Fernández, Tulio Hernández, Mónica Lacarrieu, Nelson Martínez, Verónica Pallini, Valeria Silvina Pita, Lisbeth Rebollo, Nelly Richard, Amparo Sevilla, Alejandra Vassallo, and Teresa Velázquez.