1. Research Library

        Valences of the Dialectic

        Fredric Jameson

        London Verso 2009

        ISBN 978-1859848777

      1. A consideration of the mechanisms, theoretical foundations, and philosophical tradition of the dialectic, the texts in this book are among Jameson’s most central and revealing writings on the enduring relevance of the dialectic as a tool for critiquing and challenging the hegemony of contemporary capitalism. See in particular his analysis of Hegel and reification (Chapter 2), Chapter 11 ‘Persistencies of the Dialectic: Three Sites,’ Chapter 17 ‘Globalization as a Philosophical Issue’. Especially relevant for FW is Chapter 15 ‘Actually Existing Marxism’ a detailed analysis of the events of 1989 and what they mean for the Marxist tradition and the possibilities for a revived Left project today.