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        Wittgenstein | Biographie. Philosophie. Praxis.: Eine Ausstellung der Wiener Secession

        Michael Huter, et al.


        Secession 1989

        ISBN 3900803250

      1. Exhibition Ludwig Wittgenstein. Das Spiel des Unsagbaren [Ludwig Wittgenstein. The Play of the Unsayable], Secession, Vienna, curated by Joseph Kosuth (13.09-29.10.1989). On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Wittgenstein’s birth, Kosuth, whose work is deeply influenced by the philosopher’s theories of language, curated an exhibition about the unsayable, which at the same time tried to reveal certain methods and structures that governed how curatorial practice worked. Instead of playing the role of an (impartial) selector of important works, Kosuth’s own subjective perspective was made part of the exhibition itself.