1. Contributors

        Héctor Huerga

        philologist, activist, and novelist, Barcelona

      1. Héctor Huerga is a philologist, activist, and novelist, as well as social networks facilitator and Community Manager of @15MBcn_int. Huerga began the International Commission of the 15M, or Indignados movement, in Barcelona, with a focus on social participation and critical-mass development. Huerga has spent recent years training in internal organization tools and external communication strategies, and has collaborated with Data Analysis 15M, Outliers, and Krytyka Polityczna. He has lectured and given workshops on social networks to organizations, universities, and collectives in Spain, Italy, Germany, Algeria, Austria, and Poland. Huerga participates directly in the strategies of NGOs and social movements and has co-organized on and offline campaigns across Spain, Greece, Germany, Italy and Turkey about (among others) gender, HHRR, migration, art, housing, culture, and the environment. Huerga studied Spanish Philology at the University of La Laguna (ULL), La Laguna, and holds a Master’s degree in Contemporary Latin American Literature, from CONACULTA, Mexico City. Huegra lives and works in Barcelona. [Last updated 2015]