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        Game Over (?)

        Franco "Bifo" Berardi

        19 March 2013

      1. The West was the displacement towards the future, and the mythology of this deterritorialization has been named Modernity: pathways of Deterritorialization.

        Future as Frontier.

        Futurism (and the Avant-Garde) have been the aesthetic interpretation and imagination of Modern Energy.

        The colonization of the world by the utopia of the Future has exhausted the future itself.

        Future came to an end when we became (physically, aestheti- cally, then conceptually) aware of the exhaustibility (and the actual exhaustion) of Energy: from Futurism to punk.

        The cyber-Utopia of the 1990s has attempted to displace the Frontier from the physical to the virtual dimension.

        The Wiseman, the Merchant, and the Worrier have been the main characters of the fable that we call Modernity.

        Their game has been ThE game. Who won? Game over?

        But the Wiseman is traversed by an internal conflict.

        In the sphere of intellectual labor the Artist, the Engineer, and the Economist have been the main characters of the fable that we call General Intellect.

        Is the game over?