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        East Art Map: Contemporary Art and Eastern Europe


        London/Cambridge, Mass. Afterall Books and MIT Press 2006

        ISBN 978-1846380051

      1. This reader, the first in Afterall Books Critical Reader Series, was edited by the artist collective IRWIN (Slovenia). It represents the fruits of an extensive collaborative research project with many artists, art historians, critics, and others, which sought to fill in the ‘gaps’ in contemporary art history that were created through the (artificial) Cold War division of East and Western Europe that existed until 1989. Part of the reader is made up of reports by contributors from all over Eastern and Central Europe, who sketched the particular (art) history of their locality through a discussion of key art projects from the past 50 years; these are supplemented by excellent essays on specific topics or movements. See, among others: Igor Zabel, ‘A Short History of OHO’, Susan Buck-Morss ‘The Post-Soviet Condition’, ‘Art Beyond the Art Market’ by FW researcher Boris Groys and Anton Vidokle, FW curator Charles Esche’s text ‘Pawel Althamer: A New Pied Piper,’ etc. See also the excellent online iteration of the project East Art Map.