1. Research Library

        The Return of Religion and Other Myths: A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art

        Maria Hlavajova, Sven Lütticken, and Jill Winder

        BAK, basis voor actuele kunst and post editions 2009

        ISBN 9789460830075

      1. The third in the BAK Critical Reader Series, this volume is linked to a three-part project of the same title that took place at BAK in 2008–2009, in which the widely held perception that religion has ‘returned’ to increasing influence in the European public sphere—despite its strong tradition of contemporary secularization—is explored through a diverse selection of texts. See in particular the conversation between FORMER WEST curator Maria Hlavajova and FORMER WEST researcher Boris Groys in which they discuss the notion of the ‘horizon’ in the post-1989 context, and the text by Kenan Malik The God Wars in Perspective. Editors are FORMER WEST curator and FORMER WEST curator of publications.