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        Who if not we should at least try to imagine the future of all this?: 7 episodes in (ex)changing Europe

        Maria Hlavajova and Jill Winder

        Amsterdam: Artimo 2004

        ISBN 9085460115

      1. Combined catalog of seven exhibitions and a reader with new and anthologized texts connected to a European cultural project on the occasion of the historic European Union enlargement in 2004, curated by FORMER WEST curator Maria Hlavajova, which included countries from the former Eastern bloc in a kind of ‘reversal’ of cultural exchanges connected to national representation. The book engages with the history of the discourse about ‘East’ and ‘West’ in the post-Wall 1990s, and how these debates influenced artistic production Europe-wide. See in particular: Maria Hlavajova ‘Cordially Invited,’ Boris Groys, ‘The Post-Communist Condition,’ and Igor Zabel, ‘The Former East and its Identity.’ Editors are FORMER WEST curator Hlavajova and FORMER WEST curator of publications Jill Winder.