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        Wild Walls

        Leontine Coelewij and Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen

        Stedelijk Museum 1995

        ISBN 9789050060998

      1. Exhibition catalog of Wild Walls, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, curated by Leontine Coelewij and Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen (25.09-29.10.1995). Fourteen artists were allowed to work in an individual closed space, defined by the presence of what the curators called ‘wild walls’: moveable walls as on a film set that can ‘change an interior into an exterior when filmed from a different angle.’ Exhibited artists: Kai Althofff, Mat Collishaw, John Currin, Anne Decock, Douglas Gordon, Benoit Hermans, Gary Hume, Aernout Mik, Multiple Autorenschaft Lienz, Pipilotti Rist, Lara Schnitger, ManfreDu Schu, Georgina Starr, and Jane & Louise Wilson.