1. Public Editorial Meetings

          Other Survivalisms

          16–17 May 2014

          Utrechts Archief

          Public Editorial Meeting

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      1. Friday 16 May 2014

        Session I The Commons as the Survival of the "Public"

        14.00–14.15 hrs
        Welcome and Introduction

        14.15–16.45 hrs
        Panel with Mark Fisher, Massimiliano Mollona, and Andrea Phillips, moderated by Simon Sheikh

        17.15–18.00 hrs
        Conversation between Maria Hlavajova and Poka Yio, and Simon Sheikh

        18.00–19.00 hrs
        Response by Jonas Staal and Discussion

      2. Saturday 17 May 2014

        Session II Survival Through an Economic and Environmental Lens

        10.30–11.15 hrs
        Conversation between Katherine Gibson (via Skype) and Simon Sheikh

        11.15–13.45 hrs
        Panel with TJ Demos, Maja and Reuben Fowkes, and Marina Vishmidt, moderated by Boris Buden

        Session III Critique of the Ideology of "Post-isms"

        15.00–17.30 hrs
        Panel with Boris Buden, Alexei Penzin, and Brigitta Kuster

        17.30–19.00 hrs
        Responses by Laura McLean and Benjamin Fallon and Discussion